West Roxbury, Roslindale, and Hyde Park residents see uptick in airplane noise and pollution

The neighborhoods of West Roxbury, Roslindale and Hyde Park have, according to many residents, seen a great uptick in airplane noise from landings and takeoffs at Logan Airport.

Members of the Boston City Council recently sent a letter affirming resident reports of increased noise, and several city councilors, such as Roslindale resident and City Council President Michelle Wu and District 5 City Councilor Tim McCarthy, as well as more than 50 residents, recently attended what was intended to be a small community meeting of Boston South Fair Skies (BSFS).

Within the past two years, many residents have noticed an uptick in airplane noise, as new technology has become available to airlines. The new RNAV system, which is basically a GPS navigation system, allows more consistency and concentration within landing and takeoff paths. BSFS member Alan Wright said the increased specificity of the flight paths means that more planes are traveling in tighter concentrations, meaning areas over which they fly are hearing more and more noise.

?If you?re near or underneath the path you?re just going to get hit constantly,? he said. ?It?s really affected people in Roslindale in particular, not exclusively, but in particular.

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