Proposed amendment to FAA Reauthorization Act calls for dispersion of planes and altitude glide path mandates

Last Tuesday, Fair Skies Nation urged Milton residents to contact Board of Selectmen members Melinda Collins and Tony Farrington to urge them to?support the FAA reauthorization bill amendment as drafted by Milton resident Tom Dougherty.

Today, we’d like to share the contents of the draft amendment:

View the draft amendment (PDF).

View the June 26 Action Tuesday request:

The FAA reauthorization bill funding the FAA has been passed by the House of Representative will be moving through the Senate soon (maybe next week, maybe the end of July – we don’t know).

This re-authorization happens only once every five years.

Tom Dougherty, a private citizen of Milton (regulatory attorney), has donated hundreds of volunteer hours researching and drafting an amendment that addresses the following:

Restoring Dispersion to Approach and Departure Flight Paths
This requires the FAA to use all currently and historically available methods, and to develop and implement new methods as needed, in order to mimic the dispersion, altitudes, and historical ground paths within 25 miles of airports that were present before it implemented satellite-based technology as utilized by NextGen itself.

Approach, Altitude and Glideslope
To alleviate overflight noise, the amendment requires aircraft to maintain an altitude no lower than that resulting from a three degree glideslope for all approaching aircraft within 25 miles of an airport.

Highest Safe Departure Altitude
To alleviate overflight noise, the amendment requires FAA to implement measures that require all departing aircraft to attain and maintain the highest safe departure altitude up to a distance of 25 miles from an airport, except in specified instances.

Federal legislators are ready to take this up.

The Boston City Council and Fair Skies Nation’s board both voted to support the plan. This amendment needs to be endorsed quickly and unanimously so that we we don’t miss the limited window with the FAA.

At the Board of Selectmen meeting on June 25, Selectmen Tony Farrington (wanted two more weeks to consider it!!!) and Melinda Collins did not vote for the amendment while Selectmen Richard Wells, Katie Conlon and Mike Zullas voted for it, thereby passing it.

Selectmen Farrington and Collins were given the opportunity to sign on to the letter of support until 8:00am on July 2nd.

Please send a quick email to these selectmen at? encourage them to sign the letter supporting the amendment and quickly – we can’t afford to wait!! ?Make your voice heard for flight equity!

Sample text:

I am writing to ask you to support the FAA reauthorization bill amendment as drafted by Milton resident Tom Dougherty.

I would like you to sign the letter supporting the amendment – and quickly. We can’t afford to wait, as there is no way to know for sure when the FAA reauthorization bill will be addressed. This opportunity only comes up once every five years.

I feel that this is a promising amendment for Milton to help alleviate the toxic pollution and noise affecting its residents.

We don’t have time to waste!

Thank you,
STREET, Milton, MA

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