Block 2 presentation to take place April 18

Procedure Recommendations for Logan Airport Community Noise Reduction

Prof. Hansman, who is running the MIT study, will be presenting on Block 2 (i.e. Milton arrivals), at the MCAC Aviation Subcommittee Meeting on Wednesday, April 18th from 3:30-5:45 p.m. at Braintree Town Hall (1 JFK Memorial Drive, Braintree).

Fair Skies Nation needs as many people to go to this presentation as possible.

We realize they have scheduled this meeting during the middle of April vacation, which is unfortunate, but maximum attendance is imperative.

Here are the bullets from Professor Hansmen’s agenda item:

  • Current Block 2 procedural opportunities.
  • Additional procedural opportunities sought from communities and types of input sought.
  • Example of a proposed procedural mitigation technique.
  • Discussion of challenges resulting from recommendations that redistribute noise.

View agenda.

More to follow, but please mark your calendars and be prepared to rally the troops!

If you’ve never attended a Fair Skies Nation event, and even if you have, now is the time!

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