We are residents of cities and towns near Boston, Massachusetts who are working nationally and locally to gain support for Rep. Stephen Lynch?s filed amendments to H.R. 2997. We believe we represent the views of millions of American citizens who reside near major U.S. airports where GPS or satellite-based systems have replaced radar navigation systems as a part of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) NextGen program.

The modernization should improve aviation safety and lessen fuel consumption,which is laudable. But the way NextGen has been implemented was ill-conceived and has created an undue burden in communities across the country, from Atlanta and Boston to Phoenix and San Francisco.

NextGen?s concentrated flight paths, decreased separation between planes, lower altitudes, and increased noise and pollution over homes, schools, and places of worship has sharply worsened our quality of life and created a public health crisis.

We recognize and appreciate your involvement in addressing this issue and acknowledge that there are provisions included already in H.R. 2997 that are part of a solution to this huge national problem. But there is much more work to be done. We have singled out four proposals filed by Rep. Lynch as amendments to H.R. 2997 (048, 041, 044, and 045) that are of particular interest to our group and others across the country with whom we have spoken.

We believe they hold great promise for providing fast and effective solutions for citizens under siege in their own homes, and we ask you to support their inclusion in the final FAA Reauthorization bill.

Read the full memo, including the proposed amendments. (PDF)

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