I would like to sleep but I can’t

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My name is Clara. I am five. I go to kindergarten.

Today, when it was still dark out, I woke up from a super loud noise. It scared me a little because I thought it was thunder. But then it stopped. And then it started again a minute later! And stopped for a minute, and then started for a minute.

I went into my mom and dad’s room and woke them up because the thunder kept turning on and off. They seemed really tired. They said it wasn’t thunder after all! It was airplanes! How exciting! The planes kept coming and coming and coming and soon my big sisters woke up, too. By 5:15 a.m., my whole family was awake.

How do you think I will do in school today?

Do you think I will be able to learn my ABCs? Or will I be too tired? Is there some kind of coffee I can drink like my mom and dad?

Do you think waking up from this noise will help me with my growth and development? I know my doctor says I should get 10 hours of sleep, but five should be fine, right? Because I really had trouble getting to sleep last night and so did my parents. Those thunder-planes kept us awake for a long time. I mean, pilots can’t fly planes unless they get eight ours of sleep, but I’m not a pilot, so it’s probably not really that important that I get my rest.

Do you think all of the pollution that these constant planes dump on my house and school has anything to do with all of the times I get pneumonia?

I have this funny machine. Mom says it helps me breathe. I don’t really like it, but I have to use it so that I don’t end up in the hospital. Anyway, thanks for listening to my complaint. I know it’s really important to you to make sure that my health is the #1 priority of the adults who are in charge of these planes. I know it’s way more important than things like gate fees and bonuses for Massport Board Members.

Editor’s note: Clara’s complaint was submitted to Massport on October 12, 2017. She fully expects a canned response.

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