2016 Quick Data for Flights over Milton, MA

2016 jet flyovers by Runways that Affect Milton:

  • Departures from R27: about 5,700
  • Departures from 33L: about 4,500
  • Arrivals to 4L: about 6,000
  • Arrivals to 4R: 51,858 or 9 for every 1 R27 departure that flew over Milton; 11 for every 1 departure from 33L that flew over Milton; or 8.6 for every 1 arrival to 4L.
Many in Milton and several other towns and cities surrounding Logan Airport are affected by several of these flight paths and they all can cause hell, but the flights that often go on for 19 hours/day for days in a row and that fly at 2,000 feet over the same families and schools on their way to runway 4R are the ones that are causing the most distress for Milton right now.
In 2016 operations at Massport grew by 5% but the number of arrivals to 4R grew by 14%.
The wind requires use of arrivals on runway 4R approximately 18% of the time, however Milton saw 39% of all arrivals in 2016
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