October 1, 2017

Dear Governor Baker,

I am writing to ask your assistance in coordinating federal, state and local efforts to address noise issues at Logan Airport.

Milton is approximately 11 miles from Logan Airport so some noise is expected and would be tolerated. However, today the noise is unrelenting to the point that it disrupts daily activities inside one?s home (including conversation, tv watching and sleep) and is creating health issues for the thousands of people forced to endure it.

Massport has been unresponsive and dismissive so I am reaching out to you in hopes you will get involved in this critical issue and provide some much needed leadership.

The statistics below (from September 23) give a snapshot of the issue:

  • 108 hours of consecutive arrivals to 4R/L (which creates the noise in Milton)
  • 2,635 planes over the same homes, schools and people during the previous 4.5 days
  • 1 plane every 2.5 minutes (on average)
  • 414 planes during the four 8-hour nighttime periods (or about 1 plane every 4.6 minutes (while most adults and children are trying to sleep.)
  • The longest quiet period during this 4.5 day period was 2 hours and 30 minutes.

The relevant question is why did all the 2,635 planes have to fly over the same people, especially those with homes sandwiched between two closely spaced parallel runways?

Why did all the 2,635 planes have to fly over the same people?

The FAA has Performance Based Navigation (PBN) and other technology that could spread out the approaches yet it is not being used and residents in Milton and other communities continue to be adversely affected.

The Milton-based Fair Skies Nation (fairskiesnation@gmail.com) would welcome a meeting with you or a member of your administration to discuss these issues further and hope that we can count on you for leadership in this critical issue.


Ellen Berlin
Milton, MA

Stephanie Pollack, MassDot Secretary
Mindy d’Arbeloff, Deputy Chief of Customer Service and Constituent Affairs

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