Milton resident expresses multiple concerns over seemingly non-stop flights over home

After days of 20+ hours of being under siege, a Milton resident submitted this complaint to Massport:

When: Sunday June 3, 2018, 07:24 AM
Plane info: ENY3790, 1700 feet

For weeks the FAA, Massport and the airlines, with intent to do harm to me and my family, have authorized, sanctioned and flown jet & prop airplanes and helicopters over my house when there were other safe options available. The manic pursuit of profits and total cost shifting of doing business is causing irreparable harm (mentally, emotional and financially) to me, my family, local communities, the state even as it welcomes the huge profits, the environment, future generations all across this country. By the way, don’t be poor mouthing and asking for funding and assistance when Logan goes underwater.


  • strafing my front yard
  • sending neighbor’s cats into the trees and
  • causing a car to swerve dangerously toward the power pole in my front yard.
  • Aircraft Too Low
  • Air Pollution
  • Constant Noise
  • Over Use of Runway
  • Safety Concern
  • Sleep Interruption
  • Too Much Noise
  • Vibrations
  • Severely impacting my health
  • Severely impacting my emotions
  • Severely impacting my financial viability
  • Severely impacting our grandson (his parents also who don’t even live here)

Copying many people on the above, who require a discontinuation and correction of these “standard procedures” requiring a safer and healthier procedure.

-Submitted by?a Milton resident living under a NextGen path

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