Milton resident Suzanne Knight presents recommendations to Massport Community Advisory Committee,?Aviation Subcommittee

The mission of the Massport CAC is to be the the voice of communities impacted by Massport operations.

Recommendations presented at November 14th meeting

I am presenting my recommendations as a resident living under the 4R/4L approach paths.

I must first state that much has changed in recent years in the skies over Milton, as a direct result of misguided, harmful decisions made at the federal level and operating today under the program NextGen.

I believe that in order to produce a useful set of recommended changes to flight paths and altitudes, and to adopt new noise mitigation procedures, citizen input should be the primary source of information for your committee.? I ask your subcommittee and all members of the MCAC to hold public hearings.? Invite citizens in the communities most impacted by the NextGen RNAV /PBN flight paths. We will all benefit if you also adopt an on-the-ground presence to assess the damage being done by these flight paths that are, incredulously, established by our own federal government. This Aviation Subcommittee or the full MCAC can accomplish this; it involves going to the cities and towns to view, hear, and feel the situation first-hand for yourselves.

Massport is a key partner in the innovative pilot study with the FAA and MIT to find resolution to the air traffic noise and pollution for the Boston Logan area, which will then help the entire country. ?As national leaders now in that effort, it is evident that the MCAC should provide the study partners with direct feedback on what citizens in this region are enduring, and on what they are proposing as resolutions.

I also wish to ask you to consider that runways 4R and 4L approaches are the only parallel simultaneous approaches used at Logan, thereby many of us living in Dorchester and Milton are sandwiched between these paths.? We ask that you recommend that this double impact placed upon us be ended.

Finally, I must add for your information that we have recently convened a regional citizens group that is composed of residents of several communities surrounding Logan Airport. Our purpose is to meet and share information, and to develop and propose regional solutions where applicable.

I thank you for your time and for considering my recommendations.



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