Children who live in neighborhoods bordering the airport are four times more likely to experience shortness of breath and show signs of asthma and lung disease.

What Marchi and other community organizers want is to deal with the issues of traffic congestion, pollution, noise and most important of all: health. These are Marchi’s complaints, but they are coming at a time when instead of listening to community concerns, Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) is planning to add 15,000 nighttime flights a year while also expanding the international terminal.

This is beginning to look like what is called a?”sacrifice zone.”

A sacrifice zone is a geographic area — most commonly found in low-income and minority communities — that has been permanently impaired by environmental damage or economic disinvestment.

It’s sacrificed, in theory, for the?”greater good.”?For example, building an airport for the economic good of Boston. I asked Marchi if he feels that East Boston is one of these sacrifice zones. He thought for a few moments and then said,?”Well I think that is the way the thing has shaken out. And it feels that way today.”

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