The noise doesn’t bother me. So, what’s the problem?

“I don’t really hear the noise. It’s not a problem for me – therefore, it’s not a problem, right?”


“I grew up in Western New York, about 15 miles from Love Canal, a superfund site in Niagara Falls, NY. Recently, I was trying to explain the plane issues to my mom, while she was visiting from out of town.

She didn’t fully get it as she “can’t hear the noise” like so many, but when I explained the ultra-fine particles and the damage they can do to our hearts and lungs, she said, “Oh, so the bottom line is whether you can hear it or not, it’s still really bad to live under it… like living in Love Canal.”

And I said, “Exactly. In 30 years our kids are going to be sick and they’re going to ‘find out’ it is because of the pollution.”

*Except THIS IS ALREADY KNOWN NOW* and the FAA and port authorities like Massport do nothing about it, in the name of greed.

-Shared by a resident living under the 4R path in Milton, MA.

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