Yeah, but my complaint doesn’t count, so I just stopped calling.

Please don’t stop calling. Don’t stop logging. Make it a point to complain at least one time per month.

Call Massport: 617-561-3333

Log a complaint to Massport online:?Click here to log your complaint.

Here is why your complaints are not futile:

In July 2013 the US Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the FAA?s use of noise complaints to regulate helicopter noise in Long Island. The ruling opened up the possibility for the FAA restrict or redirect flights if enough people on the ground complain.

A 40-year old scientific model that is used to predict those “highly annoyed” by transportation noise estimates about 500 people in Milton would report annoyance. Increasing the number of unique Milton residents who complain helps to show this model is outdated and useless for today’s navigation practices.

Massport and the FAA do not like high complaint numbers. As more communities across the country report the same complaints: there are too many planes, flight paths are concentrated and planes are flying lower and closer together, it becomes more difficult for Massport and the FAA to find legitimate excuses for the increase in number of complaints.

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